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Advisory Archive

Date Rubygem Title CVE
2019-04-04 bootstrap-sass Remote code execution in bootstrap-sass 2019-10842
2019-03-13 railties Possible Remote Code Execution Exploit in Rails Development Mode 2019-5420
2019-03-13 actionview Denial of Service Vulnerability in Action View 2019-5419
2019-03-13 actionview File Content Disclosure in Action View 2019-5418
2019-02-07 devise Devise Gem for Ruby Time-of-check Time-of-use race condition with lockable module 2019-5421
2018-11-27 activejob Broken Access Control vulnerability in Active Job 2018-16476
2018-11-27 activestorage Bypass vulnerability in Active Storage 2018-16477
2018-11-09 easymon Reflected XSS in Firefox in check endpoint 2018-1000855
2018-11-05 rack Possible DoS vulnerability in Rack 2018-16470
2018-11-05 rack Possible XSS vulnerability in Rack 2018-16471
2018-10-30 loofah Loofah XSS Vulnerability 2018-16468
2018-10-19 mysql-binuuid-rails mysql-binuuid-rails allows SQL Injection by removing default string escaping 2018-18476
2018-10-04 nokogiri Nokogiri gem, via libxml2, is affected by multiple vulnerabilities 2018-14404
2018-08-09 active-support Malicious ruby gem - active-support 2018-3779
2018-07-27 restforce Insufficient URI encoding in restforce 2018-3777
2018-07-11 doorkeeper Doorkeeper gem does not revoke token for public clients 2018-1000211
2018-06-22 ffi ruby-ffi DDL loading issue on Windows OS 2018-1000201
2018-06-19 sprockets Path Traversal in Sprockets 2018-3760
2018-06-14 rubyzip Directory Traversal in rubyzip 2018-1000544
2018-05-31 sinatra XSS via the 400 Bad Request page 2018-11627
2018-05-23 ruby-grape ruby-grape Gem has XSS via "format" parameter 2018-3769
2018-05-23 grape ruby-grape Gem has XSS via "format" parameter 2018-3769
2018-05-03 private_address_check private_address_check Ruby Gem Time-of-check Time-of-use race condition 2018-3759
2018-04-30 json-jwt Auth tag forgery vulnerability with AES-GCM encrypted JWT 2018-1000539
2018-03-29 nokogiri Revert libxml2 behavior in Nokogiri gem that could cause XSS 2018-8048
2018-03-22 rails-html-sanitizer XSS vulnerability in rails-html-sanitizer 2018-3741
2018-03-19 sanitize HTML injection/XSS in Sanitize 2018-3740
2018-03-16 loofah Loofah XSS Vulnerability 2018-8048
2018-02-27 ruby-saml Authentication bypass via incorrect XML canonicalization and DOM traversal 2017-11428
2018-02-21 doorkeeper Doorkeeper gem has stored XSS on authorization consent view 2018-1000088