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gem: doorkeeper
date: 2016-08-18
cve: 2016-6582
title: Doorkeeper gem does not revoke tokens & uses wrong auth/auth method
description: |
  Doorkeeper failed to implement OAuth 2.0 Token Revocation (RFC 7009) in the
  following ways:

  1. Public clients making valid, unauthenticated calls to revoke a token
     would not have their token revoked
  2. Requests were not properly authenticating the *client credentials* but
     were, instead, looking at the access token in a second location
  3. Because of 2, the requests were also not authorizing confidential
     clients' ability to revoke a given token. It should only revoke tokens
     that belong to it.

  The security implication is: OAuth 2.0 clients who "log out" a user expect
  to have the corresponding access & refresh tokens revoked, preventing an
  attacker who may have already hijacked the session from continuing to
  impersonate the victim. Because of the bug described above, this is not the
  case. As far as OWASP is concerned, this counts as broken authentication

  MITRE has assigned CVE-2016-6582 due to the security issues raised. An
  attacker, thanks to 1, can replay a hijacked session after a victim logs
  out/revokes their token. Additionally, thanks to 2 & 3, an attacker via a
  compromised confidential client could "grief" other clients by revoking
  their tokens (albeit this is an exceptionally narrow attack with little
- "< 1.2.0"
- ">= 4.2.0"
  url: '[""]'