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gem: rails-html-sanitizer
date: 2016-01-25
cve: 2015-7579
title: XSS vulnerability in rails-html-sanitizer
description: "There is a XSS vulnerability in `Rails::Html::FullSanitizer` used by
  Action View's `strip_tags`. \nThis vulnerability has been assigned the CVE identifier
  CVE-2015-7579. \n\nVersions Affected:  1.0.2 \nNot affected:       1.0.0, 1.0.1
  \nFixed Versions:     1.0.3 \n\nImpact \n------ \nDue to the way that `Rails::Html::FullSanitizer`
  is implemented, if an attacker \npasses an already escaped HTML entity to the input
  of Action View's `strip_tags` \nthese entities will be unescaped what may cause
  a XSS attack if used in combination \nwith `raw` or `html_safe`. \n\nFor example:
  \n\n    strip_tags(\"<script>alert('XSS')</script>\") \n\nWould generate:
  \n\n    <script>alert('XSS')</script> \n\nAfter the fix it will generate: \n\n    &lt;script&gt;alert('XSS')&lt;/script&gt;
  \n\nAll users running an affected release should either upgrade or use one of the
  \nworkarounds immediately. \n\nReleases \n-------- \nThe FIXED releases are available
  at the normal locations. \n\nWorkarounds \n----------- \nIf you can't upgrade, please
  use the following monkey patch in an initializer \nthat is loaded before your application:
  \n\n``` \n$ cat config/initializers/strip_tags_fix.rb \nclass ActionView::Base \n
  \ def strip_tags(html) \n    self.class.full_sanitizer.sanitize(html) \n  end \nend
  \n``` \n\nPatches \n------- \nTo aid users who aren't able to upgrade immediately
  we have provided patches \nfor the two supported release series. They are in git-am
  format and consist \nof a single changeset. \n\n* Do-not-unescape-already-escaped-HTML-entities.patch
  \n\nCredits \n------- \nThank you to Arthur Neves from GitHub and Spyros Livathinos
  from Zendesk for \nreporting the problem and working with us to fix it. \n"
- "~> 1.0.0"
- "~> 1.0.1"
- ">= 1.0.3"