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gem: restforce
date: 2018-07-27
cve: 2018-3777
title: Insufficient URI encoding in restforce
description: |
  A flaw in how restforce constructs URL's may allow an attacker to inject
  additional parameters into Salesforce API requests.

  This flaw is only exploitable in applications that pass user input directly
  to restforce's select, find, describe, update, upsert, and destroy methods.
  Vulnerable code might look like:

  ```ruby'SomeSalesForceObject', params[:some-id],

  In such an application, attackers could pass `0016000000MRatd/describe`
  as a request parameter, causing the server to make a request to a different
  endpoint than the server is designed to handle. Since the Salesforce REST
  API supports overriding HTTP methods via a request parameter, an attacker
  could also cause the client's `select()` method to modify data, by passing

  If possible, applications should track salesforce IDs internally, rather than
  passing user-supplied IDs to salesforce. Such practice mitigates this
  vulnerability, and in general is desirable for ensuring strong access control.
- ">= 3.0.0"